Sunday, February 8, 2009

Out and about in the Grove

Met up with some friends at Greenstreet this morning for brunch. I love the breakfast dishes at this place. Im always good for the scrambled eggs w/ cheese, side of bacon (of course), homefries, and wheat toast. I love their raspberry iced tea too. THe homefries today were some kind of awesome. I got lots of little crispy grilled onion bits mixed in with the potatoes which made me wanna high five someone so I did. Miami Heat guard Chris Quinn showed up with his wife to eat. As I passed Le Petit Paris on my way home I saw Philadelphia '76ers coach Maurice Cheeks having lunch with his wife. I met Maurice at George's in the Grove one time so I said hi and was surprised that he remembered meeting me. Nice guy. Owns a flat at the Lofts at Mayfair I believe. Big fan of the Grove. The Heat played Philly last night in Philly so I guess they took a flight out after the game.

Lots of sportscars and a few custom choppers out on the streets today too. The sun has been peaking out but its cloudy overall. We've had a lot of these days lately where it looks like it might rain then doesnt. I kinda wish it would just to get it over with already. Gotta love the jeans and t-shirt weather though.