Monday, November 15, 2010

Sol Kitchen - Sol Sundays Menu - NFL Week 11 forty-two...hut-HIKE!!!

Sol Kitchen 'back to pass' on some Sol for your NFL Sundays!  Now get all 3 Designed Plays for one great price!  Each game day package includes utensils and paperware and is designed to feed 6 hungry fans for $150.  Check out this week's menu and send your order inquiries to

Mulled Sangria Blanco ‘Gell-O’ Shot – grapes, pear, shaved smoked pecans
Cane Sugar Kettle Korn – corn nuts, toasted cocoa
‘1st & 10’ Charred Scallion Dip (aka crack dip), kettle chips

Designed Plays
‘Tom Turkey‘ Quesadillas – grilled corn~poblano salsa, queso Oxacan
Sol Biscuits & Gravy – cherry~bock braised shortrib, buttermilk biscuits
‘Grid-Iron Wings’ – pastrami  brined, kraut dip

smothered green beans, smoked bacon, caramelized onions
stuffin’ bell peppers, sage~chorizo, cornbread

2-minute warning
Wild Turkey  Pumpkin Newtons – ‘drunken’ bourbon raisins

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sol Kitchen - Sol Sundays Menu - NFL Week 10

The kick is up...AND IT'S GOOD!  Week 1 of Sol Sundays kicked off this past weekend and boy was it exciting.  Feedback was extremely positive and food comas were reported in the greater Miami area.  We are working on an official Sol Kitchen website but until then, stay tuned here and on Chadzilla's site for weekly menu postings and updates.  We also encourage you to follow us on Twitter (@SolKitchen) to keep up with the latest news.

Check out the menu Chef K & Chadzilla put together for NFL Week 10 and write us at to get in the game!  Each 'gameplan' is designed to feed 6 players.

Dark n’ Stormy Gel-O Shot
“Charred Scallion Dip” with Kettle Chips
Homefield “Cracka’jax” – kettle korn, wasabi peas, ginger, soy caramel

1st & 10
Deep South Brisket ‘Po-Boys’
Peruvian Wings – inca cola-miso brine, tossed in aji panca bbq sauce
Crawfish ‘Griddled’ Cheese Sandwich – sourdough, fontina, Louisiana crawfish

Huancaina Country Potato Salad
Brussel Sprouts with Grilled Chorizo

2-Minute Warning!
Smoked Cranberry White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

$150 includes all Kickoff, Sidelines, and 2-Minute Warning items plus choice of 2 '1st & 10' items or MAN UP! for $180 and get all 3 '1st & 10' items!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Put some Sol into your NFL Sundays!

Let's face it, there are some things that just pair well together - peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese, lobstah and buttah.  On my weekends it's football, beer, and good food.  Unfortunately, meeting up with buddies at the local watering hole to catch a day of NFL action can be quite costly at times.  I mean, most of the time I can head to the liquor store and buy a 12-pack for what will get me 2 beers at a bar.  That and bar food never really provides much flavor and is more relied on for sustenance and it's sopping-up-the-beer qualities.

Enter Sol Kitchen, a new way to enjoy great food in the friendly confines of your own home field without having to do much more than turn on your oven.  Chefs Chad Galiano & Kurtis Jantz (of Paradigm & Cobaya fame) have crafted a gameday packages with food that focuses on flavor while allowing you to focus on the game.  This isn't tail-gating the way you did back in the day... this is Sol food delivered to your door before the first kick on Game Day.  Supplies will be limited the first week, so jump in early.

This is how it will work... email to place an order.  Be sure to include your address with your order.  All orders must be in by Thursday at 5pm.  Payment will be through PayPal (details will be given via email).  Sol Kitchen is currently only offering a 6-man package but more choices may be possible in the upcoming weeks.  You will receive the food packed up on Sunday late morning (Miami and surrounding area only at Sol Kitchen's discretion) along with a Play Book (just a set of instructions on how to set your oven and hold the grub throughout the game).

The 1st menu (NFL Week 9)
'Jock'tail- Bloody "Hail Mary" gello shots

Cracka-Jax- our home-made version with brown sugar kettle corn, Mexican japones, and pumpkin spice
Chips & Dip- charred scallion & kettle chips

Touchdown!!! (or some more substantial grub)
Grid-Iron Wings- root beer marinated, grilled with onions and poblanos
Sol Roll- chilled shrimp salad, buttered potato roll, Maine-influence (that means lobstah roll-style)
Korean BBQ Pork- on a bun, kimchee slaw

2 Minute Warning ~ 1 Timeout Remaining...
Bourbon Brownies- smoked pecans, dulce de leche 

Sign the 1 Day contract today!   $150 feeds 6 with a choice of 2 touchdowns (wings, sol roll, or pork)... or Man Up! and get all 3 touchdowns for $180 (again for 6, but more chance of having left-overs for the Monday night game at home after work).

Follow Sol Kitchen on Twitter (@solkitchen).