Monday, November 2, 2009

Golly Whoppers!!!

When airline travel woes get me down, there are two things that raise my spirits rather quickly - a good bourbon and a good meal.  Being that my latest episode occurred in Chattanooga, Tennessee during the middle of the day and right before a meeting with a customer, bourbon was out as a remedy.  So, my sales rep and I headed out to grab a bite before our meeting.  Our destination: Golly Whoppers.

Yes, Golly Whoppers is an actual name of a real establishment.  It's a sandwich shop with a salad bar and they also bake their own bread daily.  Any time I'm in the South, I'm lookin' to get me some pulled pork barbecue, usually in sandwich form.  Well, GollyWhoppers had just that on their menu.

Now I know where the eatery got its name cuz Golly Whoppers was that sandwich big!!!  It was more like 2 sandwiches!  Fresh baked wheat bread topped with slaw and then piled high with tender pulled pork.  A sweet and savory bbq sauce finished this bad boy off.  I inhaled the first half of the sandwich, each bite erasing some of the bad vibes that had been coursing my veins from the airline losing my baggage earlier in the day.  I really enjoyed the softness of the pork and the crunch of the fresh slaw which was also moist without making the sandwich soggy.  I was pretty full after that first half but I was determined to finish off the second half.  I made a valiant effort but, in the end, I bowed to the awesomeness that is the large bbq pulled pork sandwich that is Golly Whoppers.  If you ever find yourself in Chattanooga and you want a killer lunch, check this place out and get this sandwich.  It's a winner.

Golly Whoppers
6337 E Brainerd Rd
Chattanooga, TN 37421
(423) 855-2001 (Phone)

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