Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog and Chef Chad Galiano Featured on Deco Drive to Promote PH2 Dinner

Finally caught this Deco Drive piece that featured Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog (of Gastropod fame) and Chef Chad Galiano (of Neomi's fame, former home of the Paradigm dinner and part of the inspiration for the Cobaya Gourmet Guinea Pigs) promoting an Art Basel dinner at PH2, who provided the venue for the last Cobaya Dinner which also featured Chef Jeremiah.  I actually attended the event on Friday night which featured the art of Stephen Gamson paired with the culinary art of Chef Chad and Chef Kurtis Jantz (also of Neomi's) and I will be posting about that soon.  It's good to see these guys getting some love from the media.  They deserve it.  Cooking is an art form in itself and these guys are inspirational artists.  Funny to see Chef Jeremiah go all Hollywood with the shades too haha!

Check out our local Chefs here

Note to Deco Drive: how about an embed code??

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