Monday, May 17, 2010

Food Poisoning: Calorie Commando Captured After Murder Plot Goes Awry

I was sitting in the lounge at MIA today listening to CNN as I read the local news online when my ears perked up to a story they were airing.  Turns out Juan-Carlos Cruz, the former host of Food Network's "Calorie Commando" show, has gone commando and has been arrested for solicitation of murder.  The plot?  Hire some homeless dudes to take out someone.  Apparently Cruz approached a homeless dude and offered $1000 to murder an unidentified target.  He allegedly gave said homeless person ten $100 bills that had been cut in half, with the other halves of the bills to be provided when the hit was completed.  He was busted when the homeless men told some officers about the alleged plot and officers launched an undercover sting operation with the help of the homeless men.

Talk about a recipe for disaster.  More here...

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