Saturday, April 16, 2011

Angel's Envy Coming to South Florida!

Miami is about to get a taste of Louisville.  Next month, I'm told, a new bourbon called Angel's Envy will become available in South Florida as part of the spirit's launch schedule.  Not quite sure how Miami ended up as a launch city for bourbon but I'm lovin' it!

Angel's Envy is the product of living bourbon legend, Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson, who came out of retirement to create this bourbon in a no-holds-barred kinda way.  It's a small batch bourbon aged over four years (5-7 I've read elsewhere) and finished for 3-6 months in two different types of port wine barrels - Vintage and Ruby.  With bourbon, as it ages in the barrel a little is lost to evaporation.  This is known as the "angel's share".  The legend has it that Mr. Henderson told the angels that he'd give them a little more share if they'd leave behind a better product.  They left a product that was so good they became jealous and just like that Angel's Envy was born.  I'd heard a little buzz about Angel's Envy and went to their website to find out who would be carrying it in the Miami area.  Nothing was listed yet so I sent an email.  I got an email back from Samira Seiller, EVP & Director of Marketing for Louisville Distilling Company, and after a short conversation she sent me a few press samples to try.

Angel's Envy testers arrive!
A few days later a couple corked vials of Angel's Envy arrived.  I poured myself a glass later on that evening and I can tell you this - it's a winner!  The nose is nutty with notes of vanilla and dried fruit.  I really enjoyed the viscosity of this bourbon.  It coats the tongue in a velvety way before the flavors of vanilla, dried fruit, and a little shaved chocolate begin to shine through.  The finish continues with the vanilla and shaved chocolate flavors and this is also where the port wine makes its appearance.  I was worried that the port wine finish would make it too sweet but it doesn't.  It really just compliments the other flavors in this bourbon.  At 43.3% alcohol (86.6 proof), there is enough punch to keep the sweetness in check.  One thing I did not try was sipping this bourbon on the rocks.  Each glass I had was served neat and I was enjoying it so much that I didn't think to try it with ice to see how the flavor would open up. 

photo credit: Angel's Envy website
I'm looking forward to Angel's Envy hitting the South Florida market as the last of the sample I was sent was consumed while writing this post.  Whether you're a bourbon drinker or just looking to try something new, Angel's Envy is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

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