Monday, July 2, 2012

The Best Bourbon Ever

When it comes to bourbon, I always follow the philosophy that everyone has an opinion on what is best and that all those opinions are correct opinions.  After all, taste is entirely subjective. 

Well, tomorrow I will be drinking the best bourbon ever.

I want to thank Rick over at South Florida Daily Blog for posting the video I'm sharing above.  In February, my father was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma.  Just like the guy in the video, this meant that cancer was in his lymph nodes.  Just like the guy in the video, he lost a thick head of hair.  Most importantly, on the 20th of May, just like the guy in the video, he found out that the months of chemotherapy worked and the cancer was gonzo.  Tomorrow night when I get home to Boston it will be the first time I've seen him since chemo ended and we will share a bourbon together, his first since February. 

And that, folks, will be the best bourbon ever. 

I can hardly wait to taste it.


Pau said...

Great post. Enjoy every sip of that bourbon and every moment with your Dad, your new niece and the rest of the family. Happy Fourth!

Rick said...

Enjoy that drink, buddy.

And many, many more.


SteveBM said...

@Pau @Rick - thanks, guys :)

Frodnesor said...

This is just great - enjoy your visit and have a happy 4th.

The Chowfather said...


Steven Haguel said...

Great News!! Enjoy your visit. All the best to your Dad and your entire family. Celebrate Life.

SteveBM said...