Monday, March 15, 2010

Bargain Alert - Wine!

Yo oenophiles and wine-os!  I recently learned about a website called WTSO - Wines Til Sold Out that has killer deals on wine and will ship to your location.  They feature a few wines daily (rarely more than 3 in a day) at anywhere between 30-70% off store and internet prices.  Quantities are limited and undisclosed so you never know when a wine will sell out.  Once a wine be gone, it be gone forever.  You also never know what will pop up next.  Maybe it'll be your favorite wine?

It's kind of addicting in an eBay sorta way, especially when you can sign up for their email blasts to be notified when a new wine goes on sale.  Some people I know are buying a bottle almost every day just because they're caught up in capitalizing on a good wine deal.  Shoot on over to WTSO and check it out for yourself but don't blame me if you become addicted!

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