Friday, March 26, 2010

Macallan Scotch 101

The other day I got a message on Twitter that someone had actually read my blog post where I talked about my latest great purchase - Japanese Ice Ball molds.  She invited me to a Macallan tasting event hosted by The Macallan Brand Ambassador Graeme Russell at the So Cool eVenue in Miami, just up the road from my place in Coconut Grove.  As ridiculous as the name of this venue sounds, it was actually a decent spot.

Being the PR helper that I am I recruited a bunch of friends to check it out after grabbing some good pie at Joey's.  After all, who doesn't like free whisky?  Notice that the spelling of "whisky" is the Scottish form.  That is one of the things we learned.  That Scots spell whiskey as "whisky".  Simpletons...  There was a lot of whisky wisdom passed on.

We got to sample Macallan 10, 12, 15, and 17 year fine oak scotch whisky and an 18 year sherry oak whisky.  At least I'm pretty sure that's what the breakdown was.  Not bad stuff but scotch just doesn't do the same for me that bourbon does.  Scotch is much more mild and dry and I find the flavors are less bold and more muted.  Nevertheless, this was pretty good scotch and a nice change of pace.  We also got to see the Macallan Ice Ball Machine at work which was pretty cool.  It'd be a lot more cool if it wasn't so frickin expensive but I guess it gives you something to aspire to.  For now I'll stick with my methods.

Check out the Macallan Ice Ball Maker in action with genuine Scottish narration!

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