Monday, January 25, 2010

Ribs @ Gardner's Market

I was on my way to hit some golf balls on Saturday when I noticed the signs for RIBS being offered by Joy Wallace Catering at Gardner's Market in the Grove.  I needed lunch so I stopped in to scope it out.  I ended up purchasing a 1/2 rack of ribs that came with some slaw and baked beans for $8.50.  It ended up being a great deal.

After paying for the ribs, I sat at one of tables that Gardner's has in front of the store.  When I first unwrapped the ribs from their foil, I noticed that they were pretty big and that they weren't cut.  They also looked like they were going to be tough and certainly weren't falling off of the bone.  Luckily, they weren't tough at all and they were loaded with meat! 

I tried the first rib by itself and thought it was ok.  The meat was nice and tender but the rub didn't have much flavor.  Things got better when I added the barbecue sauce that came on the side.  It was a little too ketchup-y but pretty good.  A few people walked by and saw me eating ribs outside the market and went and got their own.  One woman pleaded with her husband not to go for ribs, a battle she obviously had no chance of winning.  When I wasn't making a mess of myself devouring ribs, I was digging into the beans and the slaw.  The beans were average if a bit sweet but the slaw was unbelievably good.  I honestly never eat slaw but this came with lunch so I tried it and it was awesome.  It had a fresh, crisp texture and just the right amount of moisture.

I didn't see what days these ribs are available but I do know that the Joy Wallace setup is currently there from 11am to 6pm on Saturdays.  If you're looking for a nice deal for lunch and you happen to be in the Grove then, check it out.  The half rack I got was a ton of food, so much that I actually left a rib on the plate and had my membership to the Clean Plate Club temporarily suspended.  All for a good cause :)


ATasteOfJoy Blog said...

Glad we were able to fill you up. The ribs, wings and sides can be had at the South Miami Gardners on Wednesday 11-6, Coconut Grove Gardners on Saturday & Sunday 11-6, and Friday at our commissary near the Falls (8554 SW 129 Ter, next to Benson lighting) 11-7. If you don't want to cook for the big game, we are running a Super Bowl Special for pickup on Sunday 2-7.

SteveBM said...

Thanks for the info! I will probably hit up the Grove operation again as its right in my 'hood. I definitely recommend chopping the ribs for customers though as that was a pain. I thought the quality of the ribs was terrific though and it was a great value. I'm also still blown away that I actually ate and liked slaw!

Nice blog and website too. I can see why you are successful!

Eleanor Hoh said...

I met Joyce's son when truck was at Robert is Here market in Redlands. That truck was HUGE. We tried the chicken drumette, yum. Nice meeting you yesterday at Hakkasan's Dim Sum. Probably see you at other events.

SteveBM said...

Nice meeting you too, Eleanor. I thought the brunch was good but wasn't really "dim sum" after the first 2 dishes in my opinion. Great value though. I wish I had been able to stay away from a few mixed drinks at those prices though haha!