Saturday, May 14, 2011

The 30 Day Challenge - The First 6 Days

Well, the first five days of my 30 Day Challenge are behind me.  It's been an interesting experience so far.  Here's some observations:
  • I went back to having some tea at work.  I'm not sure if this is a result of not drinking alcohol or if it's just because one of my co-workers has a great french press that I just discovered for my loose leaf tea.  
  • I'm peeing a lot more, probably because I'm drinking tea and when I go out to a bar to eat I drink water like crazy.  Water with lemon or iced tea.  Crazy stuff
  • It is awkward sitting at a bar and not drinking alcohol but once I get into conversation it's not so bad
  • In the absence of alcohol, when I eat I feel full really quick.  Last night I went to dinner with my family and some family friends.  We had apps and I was satisfied.  Didn't even need the pasta dish that I had after (which kinda sucked too)
  • Not sure if this has anything to do with alcohol but I've been getting dry skin on my fingers lately, more than just the normal callouses from playing guitar.  Feels like when I go to Vegas or LA and my hands get all dry.  Weird...
  • Sporting events just don't seem right without a beer in hand.  After a few minutes it wears off though
  • I've had some of the lowest dinner bills ever thanks to no booze
  • I still drag ass getting out of bed in the morning.  Sleep is about the same with me waking up every few hours but I feel like I'm having deeper sleep when I do conk out.
  • Traveling without drinking booze is a little tough.  I like to have a few pops before I get on a plane to help me relax and sleep on the flight.  Being on the road this week for work will definitely be a test
  • I might be saving money by not drinking but I'm spending more freely elsewhere with the mindset that I'm saving by not drinking.  I used to be awesome at saving money.  Now I suck at it.
  • People are pretty surprised that I'm committed to not drinking.  Even my Dad said to me, "Have one bourbon if the Celtics win Game 5 and 2 if they lose!!".  I thanked him for his support haha.
  • Even though I'm on the wagon, I'm still reading about bourbon every day and even purchased a few bottles for a tasting when I complete my challenge.  It just proves that I can be around alcohol and not have to drink it.
The first six days without alcohol haven't been that bad.  I mean, there have definitely been times where I've wanted to have a drink but it really hasn't been hard not having one.  A couple times I've questioned why I'm doing this in the first place and thought it was a dumb idea but I think that's just me thinking impatiently.  I'm already 20% of the way through this ordeal and then we will see the end results and any effect, if any, not drinking has had on my life.  In the end, it's a good practice for self discipline and it really can't hurt so I'm looking forward to the next few weeks and the new challenges and temptations that arise.

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Anonymous said...

Well as we know C's did not win, did you do that night? Did your Dad call? That hooligan is should know ya got your own thing going on right now. Go B's!